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Mortgage Choice chooses Red Ark 0

Posted on May 12, 2009 by Liz Rowell

We are thrilled to bits that Mortgage Choice have appointed us to handle their entire advertising and marketing account – and without a pitch. We’ve spent the last two years working with them on their website and digital communications, so we’ve really got to know their business. It makes a big difference when you’re putting together their advertising strategy.

Here’s a bit from the media release…

The new media campaign, which launches in July, will comprise radio, television, press and online. Red Ark will also be looking at how to transform Mortgage Choice retail spaces and how to activate the new brand positioning and brand promise into the every-day interactions between Mortgage Choice brokers, their customers and other key stakeholders.

“We now have a brand promise that focuses much more heavily on our customers’ needs and wants, not on how we operate,” commented Debbie Ennis, Head of Sales and Marketing for Mortgage Choice.

“Red Ark worked closely with us through our recent consumer research program and our strategic redirection to deliver us a positioning based on real consumer insights and feedback from our staff and franchise network.”

“It should make a large difference to our business by centering on informing consumers why Mortgage Choice can help them make the appropriate choice with financing their property purchase. We’re about so much more than finding them the ‘best’ rate. We are now taking Mortgage Choice to the next level and Red Ark will be instrumental in helping us do so.”

The whole agency is so excited. Welcome aboard Mortgage Choice! We’re looking forward to a great journey together.

What I learned in Melbourne about Marketing 101 0

Posted on April 27, 2009 by Liz Rowell

I went to Melbourne last week. The weather was absolutely gorgeous so it just goes to show. And only the one season each day too, which is so much less demanding. I also got to window shop along Chapel Street which beats the retail desert that is St Leonards by a country mile…..

I always stay at the Como Hotel when I’m there because it’s right next door to our delightful Disney clients. It’s the only hotel I’ve ever stayed at that differentiates itself brilliantly in a couple of not too difficult ways. The bathrooms feature big deep baths. And little Como rubber duckies. And a bath menu - that’s right, they come and draw you a bath and fill it with rosepetals and unguents and bring you a glass of champagne. Even if you don’t particularly like baths, it’s a service that even the most rushed business traveller will never forget. Nice insight Mirvac Hotels.

rubber ducky you're the one

rubber ducky you're the one

Coming back I was at the Qantas Club getting a well deserved drink. About to toy with a run of the mill SSB I was accosted by a lovely young lady who was sampling wine. She asked me if I’d be interested. Yes! I said, always keen to support the marketing industry and keen to hear all about it. Well she didn’t tell me what the label was or much about the wine. She poured a few drops into my glass and then went to open a new bottle. She couldn’t get the screwtop open so I opened it for her. Then she let me pour myself a whacking great glass and leave, thanking her politely. I still don’t know what I was drinking, except that it was a rather flavourful pinot gris. So if any wine label was paying for a sampling program in the Qantas Club at Tullamarine about 5 pm on Tuesday 21st April…… ring your sampling company now.

Note to colleagues, I work extremely hard when I go to Melbourne and I haven’t had a thing from the bath menu for ages.

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