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In brief

Posted on October 11, 2011 by Liz Rowell

3 things to think about when you’re writing a brief…………..

- what competitors are doing is important, but you shouldn’t let that narrow your thinking or proscribe what you want to do. Think about your brand first.

- put yourself in the customer’s or consumer’s place. Get out from behind your desk and think about the itch you’re scratching not the product you’re pushing.

- think about what’s going on around you in general – what’s the mood of the nation, how is the zeitgeist hanging? understand the context in which your advertising will appear, not just the medium.

Be excited, it’s a new opportunity to reach out and connect, the ship of ideas is setting sail!

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  1. Tim Tyler says:

    Good points Liz, but I think they can now surgically treat a hanging zeitgeist…


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