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What is it about the name Della?

Posted on May 28, 2009 by Liz Rowell

They always seem to get themselves into trouble. Last week Dell computers launched their new site, Della, developed specially for us chicks who don’t understand like computers and technology and the internet and stuff. You really need to read the comments posted on the site. There are some fired up people out there. 

Now I like a pink laptop as much as the next girl. But it does seem a missed opportunity to just target women as those most likely to need basic help on crazy concepts like forums and taking a lightweight laptop with you when you travel. They could have targeted just, say, people who don’t know much about this sort of stuff and would like some help. The site has that dreamy, feminine look to it too. Kind of like a 1980s tampon ad where you’re required to immediately put on a pair of white trousers and go riding on a white horse along a white beach whenever you have your period. 

Here’s a girl who would get a lot out of Della, and it’s not Belinda Neal.

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