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It’s my birthday and I’m blonde so….

Posted on May 27, 2009 by Liz Rowell

Here is a super funny clip. It brings me to the question of “princesses”, which I was pondering over the weekend (although Kelly, who seems to be some kind of minor US celebrity, is actually quite charming in that southern, is Europe a country kind of way). Princesses used to be as good as they were beautiful in the fairy stories. Now they are the fat chicks having a tantrum on bridezillas. I once worked with a girl who said she was a princess but then demolished any waitstaff that came into a 1 metre radius. Not my definition of a princess at all……. Will the GFC force a re-evaluation on what constitutes true princess-like behaviour? Princess Mary, do you have anything to say on this? It may seem a bit trite but I hope there will be some kind of a global shift on this. Paris Hilton finally checks out of the Hotel California.

Is this the dumbest blonde in the world? or the smartest? She is pretty funny, She just doesn’t know a lot about jografi. Or France. And the host isn’t really across Hungry either.

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