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Woolworths TEDx Innovation workshop – being a part of it

Posted on June 11, 2014 by Liz Rowell

As part of the recent TEDx event at the Sydney Opera House, Woolworths initiated an innovation workshop. It began with a group of 15 people, all of whom put their hand up to shape 5-6 core ideas around how Australia needs to innovate to make the most of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us all. From those core ideas 300 people were invited to participate in a series of workshops through the day at TEDx. It was exciting to be a part of this with the Woolworths Innovation team.

The 4 core themes of the day evolved to be…….

Education our talent – provide access to education that’s not limited by geography or cost

Build the bridge -break down silos and increase access to capital between investors and innovative businesses.

Start then succeed – connect networks of talent with organisations, funding places and infrastructure.

Be the culture -foster an appetite for risk, push the boundaries of what might be. Embody and role model a new culture of innovation in Australia.

Watch the video here…..

Highlights of the Woolworths TEDx Innovation initiative

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