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The Power of Pivotal Customer Events Engineering 0

Posted on March 16, 2016 by Liz Rowell

Red Ark has been chosen by AT Kearney as a lead partner in the delivery of Pivotal Customer Events Engineering (PCE) – a method which delivers business results as well as market winning customer propositions in record time and with far less investment than other approaches.

Robert Bustos-McNeil, a partner at A.T.Kearney said “Our experience shows that when done professionally, Pivotal Customer Events Engineering delivers 80% of the impact in 60% of the time with just 30% of the resources of traditional customer centricity approaches – with first impact able to be achieved in just 12 weeks”

Red Ark, Resonate Solutions, TeleTech and RDG Insights have entered into collaboration with A.T. Kearney to deliver results in a partnership which delivers clients a robust methodology, sound transformation management, outstanding customer measurement capabilities, world best practice IT packages which ‘straddle’ diverse systems to provide decision making tools and practical creativity.

“Our approach is to focus on ‘Events’ – which are windows in a business’ relationship with its customers when the customer has a real goal or need and cares about what the company can do for them. Deep underlying customer needs often require many ‘moments of truth’ to be orchestrated together as well as a deeper understanding of “why” a customer embarks on the now well understood and well mapped “customer journey” Robert Bustos-McNeil said.

“The classic example is a Bank which is oriented to ‘sell’ mortgages – but what customers want is actually to achieve first home ownership, the mortgage is simply a step on the way.

“By engineering how it addresses this  ‘Pivotal Customer Event’, the bank can refocus on the  holistic nature of the relationship, from saving for the home, through to its purchase, insurance, renovation etc – expanding the relationship by providing a more complete solution (beyond banking to everything required for home-making).  Given the significance of this event to the customer, the future opportunity may be created to extend the relationship across the entire span of the client’s life, to assist with other pivotal events such as helping them manage their finances at times of illness, responding to the painful event of redundancy and the life changes driven by retirement. When done well, naturally, profit flows.

“Looking at end-to-end events, organisations can better serve their customers with distinctive experiences and propositions, and are also able to focus their own investment and staff on clear and achievable goals.

“But this is not easy to achieve without a change to the philosophical frame about how ‘we’ do business . But once this has been agreed that change can be achieved quickly – with incredible results – when a team of experts provide their skills in an organised and sustained manner,” Robert said.

A.T. Kearney, Resonate Solutions,  Teletech, Red Ark and RDG Insights have come together to deliver the unique approach of Pivotal Customer Events Engineering – leveraging the best of management consulting, customer research and measurement and customer facing technology solutions – and outstanding creative which ‘gets’ business, to bring new capability to customer experience transformation.

Nigel Andrade, A.T. Kearney Partner said “At A.T. Kearney we believe in helping our clients surprise even themselves – and not just their customers! To achieve more than thought possible we realised we need to bring together the creative and execution energies of more than just one Firm – the PCE Ecosystem that has been established brings a surprisingly and refreshingly diverse set of capabilities to our clients – that ensures ideas leap off powerpoint and into the real world.”


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