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Industry launch of MygoodEbox at the Sales & Marketing Institute 0

Posted on September 03, 2013 by Liz Rowell

The Institute presents a no-media attendance ‘Closed Door’ confidential seminar – with four acknowledged skilled speakers (and one “ring-in” speaker) presenting vital issues to tackle day-to-day management pressures. The ‘shifting sands’ in grocery retail demand that senior management/brand management/account management stay in tune and bust a few moves to stay in front.

Karen Stein Partner at Deloitte will explore aspects of innovation in FMCG and refer to the R&D tax incentives available from government. The session will include aspects of ‘how to’ in terms of innovation: ALL major retailers cry out for innovation but don’t get down to the ‘how and ‘when’ steps.  Your competitors are scrambling to secure government funds for innovative brand development – so don’t miss this expose.

Ben Gilbert UBS Securities will update on the latest Coles/Woolworths etc retailer growth, trends and frameworks. You’ve heard the retailers tell you a little, but time now to capture statistics and insights designed to provide quality ‘user’ information and high level marketplace movements.

Melanie Ingrey Research Director, Cross Platform Custom Insights, ACNielsen – will reveal aspects of retailer marketing, including ‘Australian Connected Consumers’ and the fresh opportunities for marketing – including selling via online platforms including some online grocery retail studies.  Stay in front of your competitor brands – some of whom fail to much understand or effectively use online practices – this will assist facilitate ‘stepping up fast’…or lose shelf.

Liz Rowell Managing Director of Red Ark rounds on ‘big data’, revealing that user generated data and interaction is far more useful and meaningful to your brand(s) and, even, to the retailer. Further build your relationship with retailers…and boost your brand strengths.  Using key insights, Red Ark has developed a new online shopper marketing hub ‘MyGoodEInbox‘ which will do for consumer promotions and activations what PayPal did for online payments. This session alone is well worth checking out…

Graeme Orr CEO Sales & Marketing Institute will speak on the often expressed pleading of retailers, such as Woolworths, for innovative product development – and will provide the direct contact for supplier companies to explore fresh commercial relationship opportunities with Woollies.

Each session will chart the very latest information, trends and vital aspects of the supplier relationships with retailers and also linkages to your brand-oriented customers to enhance important growth of your business outcomes.

Numbers Limited (24 places – only 7 left).  Quality supplier/retailer relationship AND brand building briefings.
EVENT                       : CLOSED DOORS
DATE                         : Wednesday, 18th September
VENUE                      : Macquarie Graduate School of Management, 99 Talavera Road, North Ryde
TIMES                       : Registration 9.15am | Start 9.30am | Finish (around 1.00pm)
COST- MEMBER    : $330-00 (inc GST) additional $220-00
If you received this email you are a member
NON- MEMBER       : $440-00
BOOKING               : Email salesstrategy@bigpond.com or call Graeme 03 98071054


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