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The September Issue 0

Posted on September 13, 2011 by Liz Rowell

Last Sunday I re-watched The September Issue – the documentary about Vogue, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington and their September 2008 issue being put together. Although her nickname is Nuclear Wintour, I was again struck by how vulnerable she appears in the film. She admits quite frankly that her children are her weak point, and she seems a bit crushed by the fact that her daughter wants to go to law school, not fashion school. In fact her daughter seems to find it hard to believe that anyone could take fashion seriously at all. It’s the new earnest that’s in vogue now.

And I felt quite nostalgic for those simpler, pre-GFC times. In spite of 9/11 and wars and other ghastliness people had more or less kept their spirits up – with the help of Harvey Norman and our friends at Westfield. Is the fun being taken out of absolutely everything finally? Parents want Coco the monkey off Coco Pops packs.   Now when we think of Greece it’s not the turquoise of the Aegean but the sea of red debt. We need to get the geist back in our zeit. Go on, go and do one crazy thing, just one. With no thought for tomorrow or even the day after. Last week I bought some new trainers. Now I’m thinking about a whole other kind of shoe.

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