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Nestlé launches the Happily Healthy Project 0

Posted on August 31, 2011 by Liz Rowell

Nice! A great new initiative from our lovely clients at Nestlé.

How happy and healthy are we?
Over 500,000 Australians will have the opportunity to rate how happy and healthy they fee- in the largest ever study conducted by Nestlé Australia.
What makes us Aussies tick? How does what we eat and how we keep active effect the way we see life? Do we smile more after a good breakfast or is the best meal we eat the one we eat together? Can a healthy diet and regular exercise improve your relationship? Who are Australia’s healthiest people and who needs cheering up?
The Happily Healthy Project is about answering these questions and many more – for you and all of Australia.
The Happily Healthy Project brings together experts in psychology, nutrition, fitness and social commentators to help provide Australians with simple and practical tips to improve their overall wellbeing.
A central component of the Project is the HHQ – the Happily Healthy Quotient. You can already measure your IQ (intelligence) and your EQ (emotions). Now you can also score your HHQ – your Happily Healthy Quotient
The HHQ Test was developed by Nestlé in conjunction with Dr Anthony Grant, Coaching Psychologist at Sydney University and co-author of the book, Eight Steps to Happiness and Galaxy Research, one of the leading research organisations in Australia.
Dr Grant says “Sometimes people are hesitant to go online to do self-assessments or a test as they think they could fail. But that’s not the case with this test. It’s really hard to reach the goals in our lives unless we have some sort of benchmark”.
“We put a great deal of time and effort into developing the Happily Healthy Quotient (HHQ) to make it easily accessible, accurate and valid.”
“The HHQ test is anonymous and there are no wrong answers. Participants are encouraged to be honest as this will help form the nations’ average HHQ for 2011” says Dr Grant.
Furthermore, as part of the Happily Healthy Project it seeks to find out what the average HHQ for Australia is for 2011. Participants that complete the HHQ Test by 18th September 2011, their results will go towards the Australian National Average HHQ that gets updated daily in real time.
Liz Ellis, Commonwealth Medallist who is a Contributor in the Project says, “At the end of the Test, each participant will receive a set of personalised tips to help improve their HHQ score. There are some really great articles to get you started!”
To take part in the Happily Healthy Project and get your HHQ, visit happily-healthy.com.au.

Red Ark goes global 0

Posted on August 22, 2011 by Liz Rowell

Our first international client has appointed us today. Prestige Events of Hong Kong have briefed us to promote their portfolio of Lifestyle and Gift Fairs. Welcome aboard the Red Ark and thanks to Ian and his team. Stay tuned for the launch of their new website. Now we know 8 is our definitely our lucky number.

Overheard at mumbrella 360 0

Posted on August 16, 2011 by Liz Rowell

Person 1 – “I don’t like what (insert name of famous agency here) have done with the creative – the type is too small.

Person 2 – “I don’t like being challenged by advertising, not unless it’s a charity or something”.

For a moment there I was going to hand over my business card, then quickly realised this would be a very bad plan.

Can you blame them? Social media not just a FB page 0

Posted on August 02, 2011 by Liz Rowell

From today’s B&T

Australian businesses lag in social media game Australian businesses are trailing
in the global race to adopt social media, with almost half of all Australian companies conceding no uptake at all, a new report from KPMG has revealed. Released today, the findings reveal that only 42% of Australian organisations are embracing social media in their business operations,
while 48% have no presence in the space. In a survey of Australian managers, one in ten admitted they did not even know whether their organisation was engaging in social media.

The fi ndings are consistent with recent Sensis statistics on social media uptake which found that only 50% of large businesses have a social media presence.
The report points to marketing and sales as the primary areas of social media use by organisations, with customer service, corporate brand and reputation management, business development/ research and product/service innovation capabilities coming in second.

“16% [of respondents] feel that clearly defining a social media
strategy is important, while 15% prioritise identifying new opportunities for business uses. A further 14% consider allocating dedicated staff and measuring social media engagement as important.”


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