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Infobub about to launch 0

Posted on July 27, 2011 by Liz Rowell

We’re poised to launch infobub for Pfizer Nutrition. It will be unique to the infant formula market. Fantastic content, information, support, tips, reminders, you name it, for mums (well and dads too). Our first branded content project for Red Ark. We are super proud.

Some Red Ark team highlights 0

Posted on July 05, 2011 by Liz Rowell

Over the years the team here has pulled off some fairly cool stuff. Just a bit of a trip down memory lane for the old folks….

Moraitis – launch of the Delight range of branded potatoes – a first in the fresh produce space.

Developed and managed Wyeth Nutrition’s first ever social media for S-26 GOLD Toddler – UGC “your child’s funniest photo competition”. Initiated a partnership for them with PixiFotos who provided discount coupons for photographic sitting for all entrants – a win win for both brands. Helping to create a community of mums. Supported by TV, print, digital media, instore promotions, CRM programs.

BRITA wellness challenge – BRITA have been running a 30 day money back guarantee offer for some time to drive sales, we transformed into an online wellness challenge to create a bigger and more engaging experience

Mortgage Choice – we set a new direction for their advertising – based on consumer insights research that said that most people had no real idea of what a broker does. Our integrated campaign across TV, press and online explained their role – messaging that their competition is now flattering us by imitating

Horticulture Australia Apples – For HAL we needed to make a $1 million budget look like a $!0 million budget so we found clever ways to take the competition up to the healthy snacks market. 2007 social media campaign before social media really existed with viral personapplety quiz- what kind of apple are you?. Plus identified strategic partners for them like FastFlowers, who delivered a delicious Pink Lady apple with every box of roses on Valentine’s Day. Supported by TV, website, an apple (iPod) a day instore promotions.

HAL Grapes – the success of the mushroom bag is well known – mushrooms need a paper bag to be their best. We developed a grapes bag that communicated 7 great reasons to eat grapes, that was perforated so you could wash the grapes in the bag and store direct in the fridge. Supported by Adlites campaign through shopping centres, sampling and the grapes mini snack box for lunchtime.

HAL Macadamias – content integration with presence at Jamie Oliver shows around Australia and promotion on Lifestyle Foods. Supported by TV, print, online as well as packaging and media for the European market.

Developing strategic alliance between Moraitis Fresh Produce and Nestlé with partnerships between Uncle Toby’s bars and Ladyfinger bananas in the lunch box, Halloween pumpkins and Allen’s confectionery, MAGGI and Golden Delight potatoes

Worked with Walt Disney Home Entertainment to develop strategic partnerships for release of DVDS like Pumpkin Patch and Snow White; Angus & Coote, Snow White and Sunrise; Betts Kids and Hannah Montana and Priceline and Alice in Wonderland. Multimillion dollar expsure for Disney for minimal investment.

James Hardie, launch of Scyon. Developed the architect’s challenge to design a home using Scyon materials – engaged over 200 architects in thinking about Scyon, major exposure for the product and the winner through Architecture Australia magazine. Scyon launch supported by POS, print advertising, activations and retailer incentive programs.

Disneyland and Sunrise – take Sunrise to Disneyland to broadcast from the park every day for a week to showcase the range of attractions. Returned 24:1 ROI, generated 10,000 bookings for Qantas / Jetset, Share the Spirit, Share the Magic ambassadors to showcase “local heroes”doing good work for their community

Elgas: Put a face on a bottle of gas – introduction of PAWS the dog to the redesign of SwapnGo packaging to create engagement and fun around the product – because the Aussie BBQ is at the heart of the family, just like the dog. National relaunch.

BOC: Turn BOC Gas N Gear stores into giant billboards for the company, explaining through iconic design what can be found in store, Supported in media, collateral, catalogues

Nestlé: First every solely online promotion for Nestlé and Nescafé in 2001. Viral promotion driven by music downloads. Staging of 3 simultaneous dance parties down the Eastern Seaboard with direct feed of MTV Video Music Awards from the US – MTV talent, VJs, red carpet, paparazzi.

Telstra: “Live the Olympic Dream” promotion. Largest direct mail promotion of its time with mailing of 8 million DM pieces to 10 different customer segments. Drove $24 million revenue.

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