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Disney magic at Panthers 0

Posted on April 29, 2010 by Liz Rowell

We recently organised a partnership between Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment and Penrith Panthers (both Red Ark clients) to run a Disney Family Movie season at Panthers over the summer. It was a smashing success as you can see from the pics. Hundreds of  families turned up to watch movies like Snow White, Tinkerbell, Dumbo and Santa Buddies. A great way for Disney to reach out to families and Panthers to connect with the local community in a magical way.

Red Ark Disney Panthers film festival 4

Red Ark Disney Panthers film festival 3

Some of our beautiful Disney guests

Some of our beautiful Disney guests

It’s lovely to get a nice thank you from a client 0

Posted on April 23, 2010 by Liz Rowell
Before everyone gets into the last minute Friday frenzy…
Thanks so much for all your hard work this week – I know it’s been manic and a little bit CRAZY!
Hope you all have a fabulous (very well deserved) long weekend!!!

Getting your work on the road 0

Posted on April 20, 2010 by Liz Rowell

We did this branding job for Parchem last year. And today I walked out the front of Red Ark and there it was in real live action! Nice to see it looks so good if I do say so myself.

Red Ark's Parchem branding sort of in motion

Red Ark's Parchem branding sort of in motion

The art of advertising 0

Posted on April 15, 2010 by Liz Rowell

Saw this photographic exhibition the other day. I can’t quite work out who one of the sponsors is – any ideas? I hope they got some bang for their buck.

The real thing


Enticing customers 0

Posted on April 13, 2010 by Liz Rowell

I loved this idea when i saw it at an MLC Centre cafe this morning on my way to a meeting. A riddle written on a mirror………. a great way to intrigue potential customers, start a conversation while waiting for a coffee and get your patrons thinking of you throughout the day. Who knows the answer? It’s below the pic.

reflections on marketing

reflections on marketing

……………silence. sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Well done guys (I just need to send them my instruction sheet on apostrophes).

Improving your ROI from your sales force part 2 0

Posted on April 08, 2010 by Liz Rowell

20:20 has now completed a pilot program for one of the big FMCG companies and uncovered some amazing insights into how they can improve sales force performance in the grocery chains. Stores were being overcalled on, undercalled on, products weren’t being scanned, and they identified the stores that could most benefit from increased attention from the sales force and therefore deliver increased profitability.

Now that the GFC has subsided, should you be thinking about this?

Improving sales force effectiveness

Improving sales force effectiveness

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