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Johnny Depp’s a wonderland 0

Posted on June 25, 2009 by Liz Rowell


Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

More on our Disney partnership….. Disney has released the first images from next year’s Alice in Wonderland. Directed by Tim Burton and starring Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.

Are you looking to partner with the world’s number one entertainment brand? 0

Posted on June 24, 2009 by Liz Rowell

If you are then do talk to us. We’re working with Walt Disney Home Entertainment on putting together co-promotions for their DVD releases. We have some fabulous title you can leverage, like Hannah Montana, Up, Snow White, Dumbo, Tinkerbell, Alice in Wonderland (Johnnny Depp,,,, mmmmmm) and Disney can provide you with money can’t buy prizing  commensurate with the exposure you’re able to give their titles. Can’t hurt to have a chat. Email me – liz@redark.com.au. We love Disney!


Space Buddies

Space Buddies



What a bunch of bankers 0

Posted on June 23, 2009 by Liz Rowell

Viral marketing….. gotta love it. Not WWWC. Maybe DubC. This thing could get really big.

Last Sunday I saw the terrible power of a brand 2

Posted on June 19, 2009 by Liz Rowell

I went to see Brian Eno in concert at the Sydney Opera House.

For you young ones, here’s a bit from his wikipedia entry: Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno (so his parents were wankers too) commonly known as Brian Eno (pronounced /ˈiːnoʊ/), is an English musician, composer, record producer, music theorist and singer, who, as a solo artist, is best known as the father of ambient music.Eno studied at art school, taking inspiration from minimalist painting, but he had little musical education or playing experience when he joined the band Roxy Music as their keyboards and synthesisers player in the early 1970s. He produced three albums by Byrne’s Talking Heads, including Remain in Light (1980); produced seven albums for U2, including The Joshua Tree (1987); and worked on records by James, Laurie Anderson, Coldplay and Slowdive, among others.

Now if I’d read this BEFORE I was persuaded to go to the SOH the words “father of ambient music” would have put a chill through my bones and I would have insisted on staying home and watching Real Housewives of Atlanta over and over again on IQ. But I didn’t read it did I? I just dimly recollected something about Roxy Music and thought I might be up for a few choruses of Let’s Stick Together. I did know that Jerry Hall was likely to be busy though. She may have already seen a sample of his more artful work.

So I went to the SOH at 5 pm on Sunday night. I was instantly put on high alert by the sight of what seemed to be many many people who call Newtown home, judging by their carefully thrown together opshop ensembles in various unbecoming shades of black.

Anyway the stage was set with really weird things like a lounge suite and a tent and dotted with lamps. It was like SO unconventional man. And then the band came in and people applauded and whistled and generally made it clear that they knew a living legend had just arrived. And then like nothing happened for ages and then they very quietly started to play things like cowbells. And projected up on giant screens behind them they had speeded up footage of ferries arriving at and departing from Circular Quay from dawn to dusk. And in between that footage and close ups of the drummer drumming, really radical words appeared like “autism” and “little red penises” and “machines”. It was like Andy Warhol met Tubular Bells man. Awesome. And then some of the band just went over and. like, hung out on the sofas and chatted and stuff while some of the others kept playing – they were so chilled. And I thought, if they’re not bothering to listen to this stuff, why the hell should I?

I stayed to the end to see if anyone else, like me, felt that this was equivalent to watching several of the most pretentious art school dropouts in the world outdo each other in just how up themselves they could be. I wanted to see if they applauded or if they threw things. But I knew in my heart what would happen and so it proved. Come the end, the audience were beside themselves. They cooed, they screamed, they cried, they stood up. And that’s because they knew they’d just seen a living legend because they’d been told that in the arts pages of the Sydney Morning Herald. And they saw it, and it was goooooood. Now that’s the power of brand Brian Eno.

And I went home and watched Real Housewives.

Bud Light’s Internet only TVC 0

Posted on June 19, 2009 by Liz Rowell

Or I guess that should be IC really. or WWWC. Who said advertising was dead when people choose to watch your commercials. 483,000 views and counting. You just have to make them good is all……….

Looks like Mortgage Choice has set a trend in awarding business. Could it be ding dong the pitch is dead? 0

Posted on June 12, 2009 by admin

With thanks to mumbrella….

Fitness First boss appoints media agency without pitch in stand against ‘flawed’ pitching process

Former NetX boss Andy Mallinson has made his first public move since arriving at Fitness First with a brief to overhaul the gym chain’s marketing strategy.

He has appointed media agency PHD to manage media planning and buying plus online performance marketing. He selected the agency without a pitch, in what he said was a stand against the pitch culture.  

Mallinson said: ”I made the appointment without a pitch because, in my opinion, the pitch process is a flawed approach to selecting an agency.  It is an artificial environment.  You end up selecting an agency based on the quality of the show that they can put on as opposed to the likely quality of work you will receive on a day-to-day basis.  The latter is best established through experience of working with people before and references from neutral third-parties.”

One of the agency’s roles will be to help Mallinson build a business for increasing Fitness First’s marketing spend, including  broadcast media. PHD will also offer strategic input into the development of creative. Fitness First owns 80 gyms in Australia.

Mallinson’s previous role was as MD at digital agency NetX, which soon became part of the Clemenger Group. Before that he was brand and marketing director of Virgin Mobile.

I’m not tweeting to you 0

Posted on June 04, 2009 by Liz Rowell

with thanks to Mitchells Media for the below….. got to run to a meeting but thought this was interesting!

Millennials don’t appreciate Twitter


Millennials — 18- to-26-year-olds — don’t see value in Twitter, although they spend hours daily texting friends and communicating on social networks in real time, according to a study released Monday from the Participatory Marketing Network (PMN).

The study suggests that only 22% of Millennials use Twitter, the real-time microblogging site that allows posts of up to 140 characters. Of those young people who use Twitter, 85% said they follow friends, 54% follow celebrities, 29% follow family, and 29% follow companies. That’s not great news for marketers and companies trying to reach this demographic through the site.

“Twitter has a problem on their hands if they want to become a long-term viable player,” says Michael Della Penna, PMN co-founder and executive chairman. “Part of that communication of value must speak to Gen Y and show them the benefit of using Twitter.”

Some might suggest that Millennials aren’t the only ones who don’t see the value in Twitter.

When asked about social networks, nearly all who participated in the survey revealed having an active profile on at least one site. Eighty-nine percent have downloaded an application to their profile page; 89%, photos; 53%, games; 51%, entertainment; 32%, news; and 29%, weather.

Mobile social networking is heating up for Millennials, too. Thirty-eight percent have an iPhone or iPod Touch. More than 50% have downloaded games; 35%, entertainment; 31%, lifestyle; 28% have downloaded free financial applications, and 7% have paid financial applications. More than one-quarter — 26 percent — indicated that they have not downloaded any.

PMN conducted the study in May 2009 with its research partner, the Lubin School of Business’ Interactive and Direct Marketing (IDM) Lab at Pace University, by questioning 200 PMN panel members and consumers between the ages of 18-24.

Source: Online Media Daily US

things to do 0

Posted on June 03, 2009 by Liz Rowell

Just came across a new sport – extreme whale watching. Is that watching The Biggest Loser while juggling sharp objects?extreme whale watching

wearehunted.com 0

Posted on June 02, 2009 by Liz Rowell

Just was invited to have a look at this newish site today (beta version). What a very cool site. It ranks what music people are listening to in the digital space by artist by song and by timeframe eg emerging / week / month. If you want to know who is the hottest act right now, this is the place to go.



Advertising just isn’t what it used to be 0

Posted on June 02, 2009 by Liz Rowell
For personal use only

For personal use only

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