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Creative Boundaries 0

Posted on August 25, 2014 by Dale Burrows

I’ve found that you can bring some real scale to an idea with this thought process.



Let’s say Brand X has a new pair of underpants.

Generate ideas with the concept of scale. Use your imagination.

What happens if I have no Underpants?
What happens if I have way, way too many underpants?
What’s the smallest underpants?
What could i do with the largest underpants in the world?
Who is someone that doesn’t use underpants?
Who is someone that uses them constantly.
What can I do with 100,000 underpants?
What would a world look like without underpants?

It’s all about extremes and you can go back and forth until something really interesting comes out.

An awesome way to explore boundaries.


Guy Kawasaki’s 10 tips on the Art of Evangelism 0

Posted on July 03, 2014 by Liz Rowell

Went to hear Guy Kawasaki talk last night for Canva / ATP…… he is a pretty entertaining guy with a lot of excellent Steve Jobs stories……. herewith his top 10 tips from his experience as an evangelist for Apple and now Canva…… drop me a line if you’d like any of them clarified.

Touch what is gold, (don’t try to turn something not gold into gold) Make sure it is deep intelligent complete empowering and elegant

tell a story

localise the pitch

enable test drives

remove the speed bumps

look for agnostics, ignore atheists

ignore people’s titles and pedigrees, do they get it?

let 100 flowers blossom (yr customers will ultimately position you and your brand)

build an ecosystem



Red Ark is working with adviceBank 0

Posted on March 19, 2013 by Liz Rowell

adviceBank  matches expert business volunteers (like us, Red Ark) with arts organisations and artists to work on specific challenges.

The main objective of adviceBank is to develop the knowledge and skills of arts managers, arts organisations and artists through working with a business advisor. It’s run by  Creative Partnerships Australia (formerly AbaF) and is supported by the Commonwealth Government through the Cultural Development Program of the Office for the Arts, Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport.

We’re about to start working on our first project, a branding brief. More on this when it’s passed the confidential stage.  It’s for a NFP organisation supported by the Visual Arts and Craft Society, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments, the NSW Government through Arts NSW and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.

Who said there’s no government support for the arts here? Not me.


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